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How To Create Profitable Breakout Strategies In 14 Days Or Less, In Under 35 Minutes A Day... following the simple 5-step program that's helped hundreds of breakout traders in 34 countries!


Imagine in 14 days from now, you have the ability to build breakout strategies fast… 

Every single day...

In less than 35 minutes per day... (but closer to 20 minutes some days).

Well, you'd probably think that was bogus, wouldn't you?

I'm Tomas Nesnidal, and I'm going to be your breakout trading mentor for the next 14 days

My name is Tomas Nesnidal. I'm a Hedge Fund manager and recognized breakout trading specialist. I've taught hundreds of students in the Czech Republic to build profitable and robust breakout strategies. In fact, some of my students have even taken these techniques to launch their own hedge funds.  

I've appeared as a trading expert on National Television several times. Plus, I co-wrote several best-selling trading books in Czech. My work is even published on major trading websites and magazines, including: 

But of course, my trading story was not always a success like this. 

I still remember my first years in algorithmic trading. Long nights in front of a computer screen. Searching desperately for at least ONE robust, high-quality trading strategy. The days (and nights) were painful, frustrating, and I even had doubts if trading would ever work for me.  

Fortunately, it was the lucky combination of two trading friends that changed my trading forever: 

My 1st friend introduced me to one of the most lucrative trading approaches ever - breakout trading.

And my 2nd friend revealed a powerful technique used by billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. It's called "Combination Screening”.

When I combined these two revelations to create the “M.A.C. formula with Combination Screening”, EVERYTHING changed. First for me, and now for the hundreds of students I shared this powerful formula with. 

And the reason why IT WORKS is very simple:

  • The approach to strategy creation is based on a proven MODEL. Not some “hit-or-miss” strategy creation most traders use.  
  • The process leverages the extremely powerful “Combination Screening” technique. The same approach used by billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies to prototype drug combinations fast.  
  • The approach uses only VERIFIED breakout strategy components. No stacking random nonsense logic and filters on top of each other to create a weird hybrid that other traders call a “strategy”. Instead, it uses only the best components that fit together like sprockets of the finest Swiss watches.  

Then when it's all combined with savvy automation, you start getting results really fast.

Here's what your life could look like:

You wake up, you haven’t quit your job yet but you have hope, REAL hope that finally you are going to get to leave. You’ve seen some of your first successful breakout trades get executed. You have the feeling that "this is actually going to work"!

Hundreds of traders have already experienced these results and you can too with this special package we prepared for you.

"Working the way he describes."

“As a trading educator with Nordic Autotrading Society and an active trader mainly focused on European markets, I am very impressed by the Emini Breakout course

I have tested countless ideas and strategies from the internet - some work but many don't. After completing and testing the concept of Tomas I was happily surprised that it was working the way he describes

In a few days to a week I had roughly 200 trading strategies... This course is definitely worth the money and time." 

-Henrik, Sweden Founder of Nordic Autotrading Society

Join the exclusive '14 day breakout challenge' with the 'Build e-mini breakout strategies fast' program TODAY!


The '14 day Breakout Challenge' contains a simple 14 day step-by-step plan. PLUS, you get daily email coaching to direct you through the entire program in only 14 days (or less). 

In the first few days, you'll master the critical components you need to build profitable breakout trading strategies, and how to do it fast.

After that, we'll share with you a couple of example strategies, so that by day 7, you'll be building your very own breakout strategies.

But we don't stop there!

In the second week, we'll build on everything you learned during the first week and take it one step further. You'll discover the best markets and timeframes for profitable breakout strategies, plus how to leverage the power of diversification to rapidly scale up your trading results.  

By the end of day 14, you'll have all of the right tools and skills to build an entire portfolio of diversified strategies!

Here's the plan that's going to make it happen:

During the 14 day breakout challenge and 'Build Emini Breakout Strategies Fast' programs, we'll walk you through:

Step #1: The 5 key components to creating powerful daytrading breakout strategies

  • The 5 key components you need to create a good quality breakout strategy,
  • How to create dynamic breakout strategies that adjust to changes in market conditions,
  • How to reduce drawdowns, increase profits and provide more stable returns using filters
  • Plus, we'll share 4 of our favorite filters so you can start using them right away!

Step #2: Modelling breakout strategies quick and easy

  • How to combine different components to quickly build breakout strategies ready for testing,
  • Watch us create 3 different breakout models so you can see the process in action. We'll even share the EasyLanguage code, so you can test them yourself!
  • 4 powerful robustness tests you can use to verify if a breakout strategy is worth trading or belongs in the bin.

Step #3: How to design and prototype lots of daytrading breakout strategies FAST 

  • How to automate strategy creation to create breakout strategies quick and easy,
  • The 3 key steps to creating breakout strategies automatically. We'll even show you how to do it fast, so you can start generating powerful breakout models today,
  • How to select the best candidates from the hundreds (or even thousands) of strategies you generate over time. 

Step #4: The best emini markets and timeframes to get rapid results with your breakout strategies

  • Which markets you should target for quick results,
  • The best timeframes for breakout strategies and the pros and cons of each so you can pick the best option for you,
  • The 'system sizing' approach to building a portfolio of strategies. Use this to create a smoother equity curve and more consistent profits.

Step #5: Powerful steps to scale up your breakout trading FAST

  • 3 important steps to scale-up your breakout trading fast,
  • How to overcome common breakout trading challenges quickly and easily,
  • The 8-step framework to creating hundreds of viable breakout strategies automatically. This is so powerful we use it in our Hedge Fund!

"Boosted my trading to another level."

"I am trading and developing strategies for more than 7 years now, and I have tried a lot… but it is hard to find stuff that really works.

BetterTraderAcademy finally brings it to the point, providing exactly what I need. This way of thinking has boosted my trading to another level. I really wish I had this already at the very beginning of my trading journey.

I am really happy to have joined BetterTraderAcademy… thank you again for the great material and courses you are providing. Is just great and makes a lot of fun!!"

-Christian, Switzerland

When you join the exclusive '14 day breakout challenge' with the 'Build e-mini breakout strategies fast' program, here's what you'll get:

  • A simple step-by-step, day-by-day plan,
  • Daily email coaching to get you through the entire program quickly and easily, and
  • The entire program completed in 14 days or less - without spending more than 35 minutes per day! 

  • A 100% online trading program, containing 5 modules and 21 video lessons. 
  • Downloadable MP3 audio, transcripts, and slides for every lesson,
  • Case studies, reports, and strategy code, so you can start using it in your trading right away,
  • Workbooks and cheat sheets to enhance your progress and solidify what you've learned!

Plus, if you join now you also get 7 FREE bonuses worth $859 to fast-track your progress even more:

FREE Bonus #1: The 'Mini BOS Smart Code' (297 USD value)

The 'Mini BOS Smart Code' with 'combination screening' is the key to automated strategy development. Configure the settings and let your computer do the hard work.

In the course, you'll discover how to create your own Smart Code. But, to save you time we've created the 'Mini BOS Smart Code' for you. It comes loaded with some of our favorite conditions and filters to create breakout strategies fast. 

With the 'Mini BOS Smart Code' you can be generating breakout trading strategies in minutes!

"Top Notch and very professional."

"I recently bought the e-mini breakout course. Ton of value there! Just the lesson with the practical walkthrough of the smart code is worth the whole price of the course. Wow!

Also, I work in a large U.S. corporation, and I see a lot of presentations and training materials. The way the course was laid out and formatted is Top Notch and very professional."

-Brian, United States

FREE Bonus #2: 'My Top 2 breakout secrets' instructional video (147 USD value)

In this bonus, we share with you two very powerful tricks we often use for our own breakout trading strategies development, including:

  • Trick #1 is a more creative way to work with a key component in breakout strategies, 
  • Trick #2 is a simple yet powerful filter you can use in addition to a “normal” filter in your breakout strategies. This new filter is parameterless so there is no problem combining it with other filters.  

Both of these 'secret tricks' can have a dramatic impact on the performance of your breakout trading strategies!

FREE Bonus #3: '10 powerful tips to successful breakout trading' (97 USD value)

Once you discover how to build successful breakout strategies, you'll want to use this knowledge for greater results.

No problem!  

In this exclusive bonus, you'll discover 10 powerful tips to successful breakout trading. This will help speed up your progress and improve your chances of long-term success.

"A very unique approach. It is brilliant!"

It is a very unique approach. I wish I had thought of that a few years ago. As my Irish friends say, it is brilliant!  

Even more valuable is the years of insight that Tomas, the inventor of the approach, delivers around applying this system with his tips and strategies."  

-Mike, United States

FREE Bonus #4: 8 practical tips on the PSYCHOLOGY OF TRADING BREAKOUT STRATEGIES (97 USD value)

Trading success is about more than just building strategies. 

There are a lot of other challenging aspects you need to consider if you want to 'make it' in trading. In this video, you'll discover 8 powerful tips, including:

When to start trading new strategies. How to handle choppy markets. How to manage drawdowns. Plus, other important tips you need to know based on years of breakout trading experience.

FREE Bonus #5: 'How to leverage Walk Forward Analysis' video (97 USD value)

Robustness is critical to trading strategies.

Not only will we share 4 techniques to increase robustness, but you'll also get this instructional video on Walk Forward Analysis. 

Apply this to your own trading to keep your strategies fresh and tuned to market conditions.

FREE Bonus #6: Breakout Strategies Case Study e-book (97 USD value)

Ever wondered what type of strategies other breakout traders are creating?

Then you need to check out this e-book. In this bonus, you'll find 10 detailed case studies of trading strategies created by Breakout students.

This e-book will ignite you. It will guide you. It will awaken even MORE passion for breakout trading strategies. (The best and most exciting trading approach – ever!)

FREE Bonus #7: 'The Beginner's guide to the Futures markets' course (27 USD value)

The Futures and emini markets offer some amazing trading opportunities for breakout traders.

If you don’t have any previous experience with the Futures markets, this bonus course will guide you. It contains everything you need to know, from A to Z, to understand and start trading the Futures markets.

If you trade other markets, this course will give you the opportunity to expand your trading. Take advantage of the dynamic moves of Futures markets. Get more diversified. Give yourself more trading opportunities.

"This course caters for everybody."

"This course caters for everybody. If you are new to strategy development this will get you out of the blocks in no time. If you already have a development workflow this should slot in with very little change. Whilst watching the last few videos the computer was already getting potential new systems in the background. Thanks Tomas and Andrew." -Johan, South Africa

Plus, a special one-time bonus worth 197 USD if you act NOW  

We want to reward action takers.  

We've found traders who take positive action are more likely to succeed.

So, if you join now we'll also include a special 'fast-action' bonus for you:

FREE 'Fast-action' Bonus #8: 'Using a VPS for reliable Algorithmic trading' course (197 USD value) 

Trading from a home computer has some serious risks and challenges. Once you're ready to start trading your new breakout strategies, you should consider how to avoid these risks.  

A Virtual Private Server could be exactly what you need. But knowing where to get one and how to set it up for trading can be confusing. In this fast course you'll discover: 

  • How to choose the right VPS for you,  
  • How to configure your VPS for optimal trading operation,  
  • How to keep your VPS running smoothly,  
  • And much more!

Yes, that's over $1,500 USD in value included in the program!

But for a very limited time only, you can secure this entire package (worth over $1500) for the special price of just $197 USD  

YES, I want all this for 197 USD only!

"The value is much higher the price."

I have taken it, and finished lesson 1. I think the value is much higher the price. Actually, I use the similar breakout strategies for swing trading. But this course still inspired me new ideas, it could be a part of my personal trading style. Thank you for sharing this good course."  

-Rick Liao

Test it out risk-free to see how well it works for you...

With our bullet-proof money back guarantee you don't need to risk anything! 

Tomas' breakout trading knowledge and experience have worked for hundreds of traders already. We know it can work for you too. 

That’s why we invite you to test drive the program 100% risk-free for 7 days. 

If after the first 2 modules you don’t feel like we’ve delivered on our promise, ask for a full and prompt refund.  

It’s that simple! 

The real question is this: 

Is it worth investing a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if it only does HALF of what we’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you start implementing these techniques.  

"The content is outstanding."

The content of the e-mini breakout strategies course is outstanding. It's hard to know who to trust in the trading industry, with so many traders and vendors selling so many different types of trading systems and tools. In my experience I've found that most of the money spent on trading systems and tools will end up being a waste of time.  

Luckily for me I found Tomas Nesnidal and his courses. After going through his course, I can definitely say that he is sincere about providing quality content that can make a big difference for retail traders."  

-Sherif, United States

Here's what more students are saying:

"Methods actually work."

“After I analysed the work of so many traders for several years, I can count you as one of the handful of genuine traders and educators whose methods actually work."  

-Raman, India

"It was a turning point for me."

I’m very happy that I found your website, because when I was a green man in the beginning, I bought a lot of sh*t, bullsh*t… They didn’t improve me, they made me worse than better, they made me a bad trader. That’s why I’m very happy that I met you and I learnt from you and Tomas, because in index trading, especially S&P 500, it was a turning point for me."  

-Maxim Schulz, 3rd place in World Cup Trading Championship 2017


"As a programmer who has been fiddling with automated trading via AmiBroker and standalone Interactive Brokers API I kind of thought 'Oh well, another set of rules to program, might be interesting, may as well have a look'. 

I was completely blown away by Tomas' automated strategy creation idea - so obvious in retrospect, but so clever. Effectively optimizing the strategies rather than the parameters. Game-changer."

-Dave, South Africa

"Honest transparency and commitment to excellence."

"Thank you Tomas and Andrew. I appreciate your honest transparency and commitment to excellence." -Phil, Australia

"The course is really awesome!"

The course is really awesome already and I find it hard to see how it can be further improved. I'm on a path to continue my breakout strategies education with the Breakout Masterclass." -Martin, Sweden

"Systems and trading approach do really work."

“Tom´s systems and trading approach do really work and can bring good, stable and reasonable returns." - David, Czech Republic

"An excellent package!"

"The scope and content of the course is impressive. The support is prompt and detailed. All in all, an excellent package!

-John, Hong Kong  

Example trading strategies

Here are a few examples of the many trading strategies built by our students (all results are Out Of Sample):

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a smaller version of the course “Breakout Strategies Masterclass” you have listed? If so, what does the Masterclass include? 

This is an entry-level course into building breakout strategies fast. The main focus is on emini daytrading breakout strategies.

The Masterclass is only available to graduates of the entry-level course. 

You can get more details about the Masterclass at the end of the ‘Building emini breakout strategies fast’ program. 

Is this emini breakout course a direct translation from the course Tomas teaches in Czech, or is the content a bit different? 

This course is very different from the Czech version. 

The course was built from the ground up with Andrew Swanscott from  

We created it for the international market only. And we included extra content and code not available in the Czech version of this course.

The bonuses are also exclusive to this course and not available in Czech. 

Will the approaches be 100% applicable to other markets, or is it more specific to e-minis? 

The breakout modeling explained in the course applies to any market, but the course focuses on e-minis only. 

Once you understand the principles and processes to building breakout strategies, you can apply them to any market.

Why is the course focussed on the emini markets only?

First of all, the emini markets are the easiest to build a great breakout strategy on. If you prefer the shortest, fastest path to building breakout strategies, the emini markets are the best option.

Secondly, the emini markets are very popular. They have good liquidity and work well with breakout strategies.

Of course, once you discover how to develop breakout strategies on the emini markets, you can apply it to other markets too.