14 day Breakout Strategy Challenge

How To Start Creating Profitable Breakout Strategies In Under 2 Weeks Without Spending More Than 35 Minutes A Day


  • The simple but incredibly powerful process to building profitable breakout strategies really fast,  
  • The 5 key components you need to create a good quality breakout strategy,  
  • How the power of automation can slash the time and effort you need to create loads of breakout strategies quickly and easily, 
  • How to tell if a breakout strategy is worth trading or is just over-fit rubbish that belongs in the trash, 
  • How to start generating profitable breakout strategies in under 14 days without spending more than 35 Minutes A Day,  
  • ... and much, MUCH More!  

About Your Presenters

Tomas Nesnidal is a breakout trading specialist. He has spent years testing and trading breakout strategies, to find out what works and what doesn't, even launching a Hedge Fund based on his breakout trading. He has also taught hundreds of students in the Czech Republic his techniques and is ready to share them with you too.

Andrew Swanscott (host) founder and podcast host of BetterSystemTrader.com

Tomas Nesnidal (guest) breakout trading specialist and hedge fund manager

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